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Rosé finely sparkling and really refreshing

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Arômes naturels, Sans gluten, Zéro sucreNatural flavors • Gluten-Free • Zero sugar •

What is DILU ?

Eau pétillante vin rosé arômes naturels

A sparkling drink with a low alcohol content often made up of three main ingredients: an alcohol base, sparling water, and flavourings.

The alcohol base of DILU is a naturally fermented rosé wine for maximum freshness and pleasure!

DILU, THE first French hard seltzer featuring wine!

Dilu produit en France
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Légèreté, Simplicité, Fraîcheur, Plaisirlightness • Simplicity • freshness • Enjoyment •
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Why DILU ?

Did you know that this is how our grandparents drank their wine?

And since our elders knew their stuff, we are bringing this custom back to the forefront for several reasons: a need for lightness and freshness, less alcohol and calories but more pleasure and simplicity.

In the past people drank wine on a daily basis, mainly at home. It was served with every meal, always on the table alongside the hunk of bread. One of the most important points about wine consumption in those days: it was diluted with water!

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Recyclable, Léger, Nomade, ÉcologiqueRecyclable • Lightweight • On-The-Go • Ecological •

DILU, it’s divine!

DILU is natural wine, sparkling water and natural flavourings.

The 250ml can of DILU is ultra-practical, easy to store, perfect at home or to take out with you!
Are you aware of the many advantages of a can?
It is hermetic and opaque, preventing air and light to alter the content.
Ecologically speaking, an aluminium can requires less energy than glass and is also 100% recyclable. The freshness of the NATURAL flavouringsin DILU is perfectly preserved thanks to the can. And the coolness of the drink experience is optimal! Did you know that your can will be cold in 280 times less time than a bottle? Wrap it in a wet cloth before putting it in the freezer and, you’ll see, it will be cold in even less time.

In a nutshell

A delicately sparking, low alcohol rosé wine to drink chilled for an extremely refreshing sensation.

Where to FIND US ?

In all CARREFOUR, CARREFOUR MARKET and PROXI stores of FRANCE and soon everywhere !

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